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Katelyn is an all out amazing girl. She truly cares about all of her family and friends. If she says I love you she means it. Katelyn is hot,smart,talented, has a pretty smile. Sadly can't say the same thing about her laughπŸ˜‚. Katelyn seems like a very shy person but once you get to know her you will know she's the complete opposite of being shy. She is not afraid of anyone. She is confident. And she wouldn't give three fucks if you didn't like her chances are she would tell you "I don't like". She doesn't like to be wrong in any way she will argue and argue till you see her point. But if your like her you can eventually convince her she's wrong. She's extremely shy with the guy she likes. But any guy would be lucky to have her. Katelyn is an all out amazing,beautiful,smart, and talented girl. And if you have a Katelyn in your life then your lucky.
"Dude your so lucky to have Katelyn on your life"
by Smilexox123 March 14, 2017
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Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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Katelyns are all around amazing girls extremely pretty and known for they're beautiful hair and light eyes.she is different then other girls you can't find anyone like her. Katelyns can turn a bad day into the best day of your life. They are known to be extremely shy but when you get to know them you'll fall deeply in love.but don't be fooled katelyns are inner freaks but are only down to ride for 1 person they are very loyal and humbled.she is funny as shitt great vibez.she likes attention but doesn't show it and she is trustworthy.very adventurous loves animals and nature but don't play her she's crazy but when you do play her you become a ghost in her life completley gone to her. So if you ever let her go your a dumbass.
Guy:omg that girls name is Katelyn I want her so bad
by Aqua princess June 17, 2017
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Katelyn is a badass bitch who isn't afraid to be herself and stand up for what she thinks is right. She's beautiful and confident and bubbly. She's hyper and always up for a good game of whatever. She is an animal lover, a people lover, and a book lover. Don't mess with her though, she's tougher than you think!
Don't mess with her, she's a Katelyn
by ALittleCrazy February 07, 2017
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Katelyn's are the best of the friends you can possibly have. They are fun, loyal, and aren't afraid to throw a cheese puff at you. Katelyns tend to be extremely musically talented and are really just like a Disney princess- perfect in every way! They are quirky and different and march to the beat of their own drum. Katelyns see life differently than other people and that's ok. They dream big and have big expectations in life. Oh and they are very outgoing
Katelyn is like a unicorn
by Sierra Paxton May 13, 2017
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she has been through a lot but still is able to trust in people, but dont break her trust because it is incredibly hard to earn back. she may threaten you if you are acting stupid but in all honesty could not hurt a fly.
If you meet a Katelyn you should never let her go.
by gorggirl789 April 20, 2019
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Katelyn is an amazing girl and when you look into her eyes all you can see is your future together with her and is a nice person to have around because she always makes you laugh and has a perfect personality once your her friend she never lets go of you (unless you tick her off) but all the bully's in school target her for her good looks but she truly know that she is loved for who she is even if she is weird she is perfect in her own little way
Brad:"wow Kyle do you see that girl over there"

Kyle:yeah she looks like a real katelyn
by Mikethetrain73 January 12, 2017
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