She asked him to traumatize her, so he played his new ep forthcoming biological beats
by Long length November 07, 2019
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emotionally disturbing or distressing.
relating to or causing psychological trauma.
relating to or denoting physical injury.
"she was going through a traumatic divorce"
"the enduring pain of this traumatic event"
by GB1998 April 25, 2016
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To be so shocked/stunned by something, possibly to the point of functionally abnormally.
I was traumatized after I lit my cat Tigger on fire and watching him jerk about in agony.
by Sonix April 27, 2006
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Traumatizer is the name of someone who wants to provoke traumas on people and make people traumatized or mentally ill. The term is also use to a kind of trolls that only works focusing on traumatize people and make people get PTSD. Traumatizers on internet can also be referred as cybertraumatizers and as webtraumatizers, working with cybertrauma/webtrauma, that is basically a form of trauma and PTSD that happens due internet and/or on internet.
"Traumatizers on internet are more common than people can even realize, some of them love to traumatize people just for their own pleasure or just to affect people themselves."

"Be a traumatizer is so bad to a level we should have an anti-traumatizer action."

"There are several kinds of traumatizers on internet... Psychoindifferents, psychoflipfloppers, sociopaths, trolls in general, people who just want to make other feel bad... There is also irl traumatizers, such as on school, work and even at home."

"That traumatizer just make me get PTSD after the arguing I had with him on internet and his friends still protected him and put all the guilty on me."
by Full Monteirism February 12, 2021
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an event or action that combines the effects of trauma and dramatics.
For example, having been told the person you're about to sleep with is, in fact, transgender. A prime example of a traumatical experience.
by midnight burrito May 09, 2012
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Recalling a deeply disturbing/distressing bitter indignation that resulted from past treatment.
Traumatic resentment isn't fun when you're trying to repair a relationship.
by heyitsDilly January 09, 2021
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an extremely traumatized blueberry, most likely because you ate it's family
yooo, i found a traumatized blueberry in my fruit salad
by broooicantseemyselfinthemirror December 17, 2019
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