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Texting on the toilet. You know you do it...we all do!
I was Totting this morning, and my daughter asked, "Why are you taking so long?" Me, "I'm totting!"
by pinky3710 April 08, 2013
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verb: The actions taken by prostitots, or tots, during their path of destruction, a.k.a. penis consumption. These actions could be something as small as walking or approaching young men, or important as breathing and licking testes in the movie theater bathroom for free tickets to Transformers 2.
"Hey Jimmy, look at those tots over there totting it up!"

"Oh my god bro, you will never believe what happened. I saw my younger sister totting it up at the mall with her friends, and I almost hurled."
"Ew dude thats f*cking gross! What is she like... 13?"

"Hey mom, put on Maury. There are some tots on stage totting around."
by undergroundparagon August 11, 2009
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The act of thinking about, ordering or consuming McMenamin's Cajun Tots. Preferably daily during Happy Hour for $1 w/ ranch dressing.
Gina, "Would you like to go totting tomorrow?"

Lauren, "Uhhh yeah! Totting is only my favorite thing to do!"

Gina, "We should get at least 2!"
by Bromancer20 May 26, 2010
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