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noun: The shortened version of prostitot, which is a young woman between the ages of 11-17 who finds it necessary to be a trashy ho. The prostitot is an elusive creature, with her penis garble language. They hang out in groups, squaking at passerbys, making older gentlemen feel uncomfortable. I mean, with the lack of clothes they wear, it's hard sometimes, because as an older male, they don't want to feel like a pedophile. And apparently, the hormones in our water have increased, because somehow these girls have real, non tissue paper breasts that sometimes dwarf even the 20 year olds. The prostitot is considered a carnivore in the whore family. They stalk their prey with the calculated cunning of the king of the jungle. And they are queens, indeed, of Claire's and Charlotte Russe. They rule malls all over, making countless young men nervous with their tight clothing and sinister glances. Does she want you to talk to her, or does she want to eat your soul? A question that has plagued the fragile male mental for years.
"Damn bro, look at those tots over there."
"Dude I got rolled out on by this pack of tots. I had to call mall security to help me fight them off, but their power was too great. We must regroup."
"Ewww bitch you're such a dumb tot."
"Listen mom, being a tot is who I am. How am I to succeed as a stripper if I don't start practicing being a total useless slut now?"
by undergroundparagon August 11, 2009
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noun: A female who breaks both the boundaries of smut and sleaze, conquering new whorish heights with her utter lack of self respect and sexual control. She has no real purpose or goals, her only aspirations being total immersion in the ways of the useless ho.
"Bro, I hooked up with this smeaze last night, and now I'm urinating razor blades."
"That smeaze over there has been eying me down. I'm scared"
by undergroundparagon August 11, 2009
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verb: The actions taken by prostitots, or tots, during their path of destruction, a.k.a. penis consumption. These actions could be something as small as walking or approaching young men, or important as breathing and licking testes in the movie theater bathroom for free tickets to Transformers 2.
"Hey Jimmy, look at those tots over there totting it up!"

"Oh my god bro, you will never believe what happened. I saw my younger sister totting it up at the mall with her friends, and I almost hurled."
"Ew dude thats f*cking gross! What is she like... 13?"

"Hey mom, put on Maury. There are some tots on stage totting around."
by undergroundparagon August 11, 2009
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