A small child usually under 3 years old
I went to toys 'r' us to buy toys for the tots.
by chefrick45419 September 19, 2005
is not a word but an emoticon ToT the horizontal line of the T is the eye and the vertical a tear falling from it, the O is an open mouth ToT!!!
is like animeish stuff, u know, they wanna add feeling to a sentence

"I finally got a new job ToT"
by SkAnDa October 18, 2003
"tired of texting" usually texted by a person that would prefer to talk
(text conversation)

Bill: Hey man how was the weekedn?

Greg: Awww. It was cool. Tons of vag in LV.

Bill: nfw. you hit that shit

Greg: yea, two shits at the same time

Bill: where they hurt?

Greg: tot

Bill: comon man. i'm sitting next to the gf. can't call. you gotta tell me.

Greg: fu tot
by shaykaykay April 23, 2010
a fucking thot but don’t be mean say tot not thot
your a fucking tot
by Ayoooo August 29, 2019
stands for Top Of Target, the top level of the Target parking garage

place many teens hang out, especially in Orlando
“hey, wanna go to tot to watch the sunset?”

“i’m at tot playing spikeball
by dunkinhashbrowns September 8, 2019
yo blud u gettin tot tonight
yes man we totin in urs tonight
yh we'll tot it large
by nick smith1 July 17, 2006