A common reaction when something is sad or depressing. Looks somewhat like 😭 which is why the word is linked to sadness.
"Hey, my wife just commited seppuku."
"damn, ToT bro, I feel you"
by def_brandon December 27, 2018
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For those Muggles who don't use Urban Dictionary, this means sad face, like emoji.
For us, who use Urban Dictionary, ToT means I am lovin' it, but it hurts.

I will leave it up to you for what hurts, and feels good for your creativity!~ 🤗 🧐😉
OMG ToT Thank you so much!!

ToT you should go harsher!!
by THE NOT MUGGLE ONE September 29, 2020
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Like Truth or Dare but for online games.
Because you cant really dare people on the internet it becomes replaced by another Truth.
9:52:20 <sin_q> how about we play a game of ToT? ;)
9:53:12 <Matt> ;)
9:53:20 <_Mad> works for me :D
by _Mad-Lover July 12, 2004
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"Totting" (Verb) or "to tot", is the act of placing a single tater tot on a person's self unbeknownst to them. The "totted" person must then be pegged by a person of the tottee's choice.
"Jimmy has been totting everybody at this party, there is going to be so much pegging!"
by taterenthusiast September 16, 2019
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A small child usually under 3 years old
I went to toys 'r' us to buy toys for the tots.
by chefrick45419 September 19, 2005
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An abbreviation for the word totally
That car is tots cool!
by Graham Cooper February 13, 2008
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