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Is the feeling one experiences as they climax during a sexual activity of any kind. This is similar but better than your standard orgasm.
Jimmy is deep inside Sarah. Giving her an outstanding pounding and a free ride to Pleasuretown. Right as Jimmy is about to orgasm, he realizes this time is different and yells, "I'm having a PLEASURE MOMENT!"... As he collapses on Sarah, post pleasure moment, Jimmy realizes he will never be the same.
by Bromancer20 March 28, 2010
The act of using one's finger to motorboat either yours or someone elses' lips. Usually results in a burbling sound being emitted as air leaving the mouth is interrupted by the motion of the finger.
Jessa's swollen lips were so big, I just had to get in there and Finger Motorboat them. They were totally built for speed and comfort.
by Bromancer20 July 21, 2009
The act of thinking about, ordering or consuming McMenamin's Cajun Tots. Preferably daily during Happy Hour for $1 w/ ranch dressing.
Gina, "Would you like to go totting tomorrow?"

Lauren, "Uhhh yeah! Totting is only my favorite thing to do!"

Gina, "We should get at least 2!"
by Bromancer20 May 27, 2010
The act of touching someone who you have just met with the back your hands so that you do not violate their personal space and come off as a creeper while still initiating casual contact.
Mike: "I was at the bar when Lindsay, the cute girl I met, had a drink spilled on her butt. I used a backhand touch to check how wet it was. She didn't seem like the kind of girl who would respond positively to an ass grab that early."

Gabe: "Very smooth, she totally would have slapped you if you didn't use the backhand touch!"
by Bromancer20 July 21, 2009
A movie you invite a girl or guy over to watch when you know you aren't going to "watch a movie" and will instead start smooshing once it starts.
Bro #1 - I invited the new dime piece over for a smooth movie...

Bro #2 - What are you watching?

Bro #1 - Anything with Channing Tatum, always a smoosh movie!
by Bromancer20 January 23, 2016
Deskbro is someone you share a workspace with that you become friends with rather than just awkward coworkers. This can include cubical, offices or assembly lines.
I had a bad day at office. Garry, my coworker, came by and made an awkward joke which didn't help. Luckily, my deskbro Gabe noticed I was down so he took me out to an early happy hour to cheer me up.
by Bromancer20 January 8, 2010
Taking or giving yourself "daps" from someone else when they are not actually trying to give you "daps". Usually done when someone says or does something unfunny but quickly pounds another person's unsuspecting fist,
Mikey: "Dude, I hope there will be lots of 16 year olds at the pool today, we can totally holler at them!"

Mike: "Nah Dawg, that isn't really tight... You aren't getting daps for that one..." (Shaking his head).

Zach: "Whatever, you will give him daps later on for that."

(Simultaneously while punching his fist against Mike's, Mikey yells)

Mikey: Ambush Daps, bitches!!!!
by Bromancer20 July 30, 2009