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Children who dress in revealing, adult type fashion. May include hair and makeup styles that are not age appropriate.

Kids who dress like club chicks and whores.
Where does that Prostitot think she's going, school or to the club?
by Maggie April 22, 2004
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An obviously underage girl who dresses like a whore...
The junior high just let out...look at all them prostitots...
by ideal June 25, 2003
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A girl under the age of 15 who dresses look a whore or with prostitute tendencies.
by Yam man August 02, 2004
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An underage girl who dresses like a prostitute.
Every Friday afternoon this town is filled with prostitots. I need to ask for ID before talking to anyone.
by Rabidmogwai March 06, 2009
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N. A Prosti-tot is a young underage girl dressed to get laid, aka jailbait.
Damn, this truck show is full of Prosti-tots!!!
by Dirk Diggler April 28, 2004
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