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Short for for Telesync. Truncated jargon used on file sharing networks to denote a film taped off a cinema screen; as opposed to something ripped off of a retail DVD (DVDrip/retail), or even a pre-release DVD screener (Screener). Format tends to be in SVCD, but can also be in any other format, divx/xvid etc.
Exorcist The Beginning TS Xvid (POT)-DreamCD
by subtitles December 22, 2004
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Tumblr saviour. Personal posts are often tagged ts so followers can remove them from their dash using tumblr saviour.
Tags: wank for ts
Ask for ts
by Buffy1997 December 01, 2013
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That snow wall in front of Bobby Ott's door was TS
by MJM December 07, 2003
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Team speak, it is a downloadable client that gamers use to talk to each other with head sets so they don't have to type in the game chat boxes. similar to ventrillo
Oh no i am being attacked by rats i need to tell my "friends" in team speak
by MRS. mister October 13, 2010
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