A beautiful city in northern Italy. It has a lot of history and nice places to visit. The Museo Egizio has the most important collection of Egyptian antiquities in the world after the Cairo Museum. The company Fiat automobile has its headquarters in Turin, so it has been nicknamed the Automobile Capital of Italy. Good typical dishes : "bagna cauda", "gianduiotti" or any other kind of chocolate. In 2006 Turin hosted the Winter Olympic Games. Visit it!
"I wish I could visit Torino once in my life!"
"Yes, I visited it last year and it was great! Italians are very nice!"
by littlesquirt November 16, 2007
A beautiful city in Italy, host of the 2006 Winter Olympics.
Torino is a pretty cool place.
by Melcopter February 11, 2006
Best football team with best players and best goalkeeper (Vanja Milinković-Savić)
Person 1: Damn, Torino is having a good season!

Person 2: ok.
by torino fan 200201152541251242 November 4, 2022
Realest Guy From The East 14910 Block Of Mayfield And Queen Off Hayes. Detroit Michigan
by Detroit Press June 28, 2019
The place where in 2006 Shaun White and Hannah Teter both won their first Olympic Gold Medals. It was awesome...
OMG Shaun and Hannah just won in Torino!! theyre so kick ass!
by m.ariana September 28, 2006
one of the most badassed cars if the muscle car era. was made by ford so it is uber 1337. a '76 version was drove by starsky and hutch but the best years a '68-'72.
dude did u see that torino hall ass and smoke that nub chevy
by Anonymous July 6, 2003
A guy who asks a crack whore if she wants some smack or coke, makes a fake call and then asks for a blow job!
I totally was going to torino that whore, maybe even get my dick sucked.
by Jerry_Smalls October 5, 2007