a last name usually pertaining to someone of great awesome-ness.

usually amazing singers, songwriters and musicians
damn, look at mayfield play that guitar!

why are the mayfields always so talented?
by indierockstar333 August 17, 2008
a little town in Hunter/Newcastle region in NSW Australia.
postcode is 2304.
the town is full of junkies and its not safe to walk at nights.
i know as i live in mayfield.
"how are you getting home from the pub tonight?"
"oh probably just walking down Maitland road until i hit Mayfield"
"you shouldn't do that, its a bad area at night"
by sask66 March 17, 2009
Mayfield and Taylor are such fries!
Did you see Mayfield puking with two 40s taped on his hands? What a fry!
by c9 fries April 6, 2009
An awesome neighborhood in Baltimore City. Located near Lake Montebello, Clifton Park, and Herring Run Park. About 10 minutes from downtown, and 20 minutes form Twoson and WhiteMarsh. Generally the people who live there are good people, not snots about money because they're mostly middle class, but at the same time it's not a neighborhood you're likely to get mugged in. BUT as it is in Baltimore you have to be careful not to wander into other areas such as "chum" which is just a few blocks away. And and it has 5 churches or something like that and a school. And it's located not far from pretty much every private school. Wide age range in the neighborhood from young couples with little kids to people in their 80s and even 90s, and everything in between.
Lake Montebello
SFA (St. Francis of Assisi)
Herring Run Park
Mayfield=neighborhood in Baltimore City
by anhjdsjadhlkjsd March 30, 2008
Amazing neighborhood in Baltimore that happens to be surrounded by "Chum" which is like the third most dangerous neighborhood in Bmore city. Mayfieild is fantasitic though, it has nice size homes, but still in a fairly affordable price range. The people who live there are amazing. B/c it is in the city the people are still street smart, but travel enough not to be like "Omg a deer!" Also b/c its a moderatley priced but still nice neighborhood you get people who aren't stuck up about money, but at the same time not drug dealers :) And its in a really convienient location close to downtown (about 10 minutes) and pretty close to towson and whitemarsh (about 20 minutes)
ohhhhhhhhhhh and herring run park is right there, so lots of good sledding, and sports oppurtunities!
Saint Francis of Assisi School and Parish
St. Matthew's
Chesterfield, Pelham, Kentucky, Lake, Mayfield, and Erdman
by anhjdsjadhlkjsd March 29, 2008
The hottest person you will ever see on any tv show, she is played by Sadie sink the best,prettiest,most beautiful person you will ever lay eyes on
Max mayfield is hotter than the sun
by Madmaxisbetterthanyou June 28, 2022