Handsome and smart. Shy at first, but very loving once you get to know him. He attracts girls very easily and can easily take your heart. He does not boast or brag, but is confident. If you have a Cairo in your life, consider yourself lucky. He is a beautiful soul and knowing him is an honor.
Love that Cairo
Be noble, be a Cairo
by J.A.G 01 October 10, 2013
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1. The capital of Egypt

2. General term for somewhere really far away.
A: What took you so long?
B: I had to park all the way in fucking Cairo.
by Brova October 28, 2007
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Is a girl who has a heart of gold she always cares for others and makes people happy ❤️She is beautiful and smart and under rates herself but she is truly the best person ever
by Concon July 26, 2018
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A sound cloud rapper who looking like @remingtonmaxwellwillis but without the needs 💀
Damn bro you acting like a cairo
by Billyjoe9911 December 29, 2022
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Imagine taking a girl to Paris... bring two more friends and take a trip to Cairo. While she's being Spit-Roasted, she uses her ambidextrous skills to stroke the boys to the left and right. All the boys should join hands above and form a pyramid of joy.
With all the uncertainty and controversy in the middle east my boys and I will never forget our trip to Cairo.
by Jimbeanjesus April 10, 2023
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Oh hes being a Cairo

Cairo = to be a bullshiter
by samcamfilmsnz June 18, 2009
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