A city in Northern Italy close to the Alps, it is probably best known to British people as being the set for the adventurous film, 'The Italian Job'.
The film did excellent work exposing some of Turin's most prominent landmarks, indeed the Mini Cooper chase was designed to take in sights like the Fiat Factory, the shopping malls, the Gran Madre di Dio church and the Torino Palavela buliding.
Turin is Italy's car capital with the Fiat Group based here, and it also hosted the Winter Olympics in early 2006. Turin most prominent sporting legacy though is the world renowned football team, Juventus FC.
A short city break to Turin may be a refreshing break from work.
by avfc_09 April 2, 2009
The word "Turin" is used to describe a series of unfortunate events.

Turin Turambar is a tragic character in J.R.R. Tolkien's novel <i>The Silmarillion</i>. Often referred to as "the walking disaster" by some fanfiction writers, He led to death an elf(Saeros) who insulted his mother, accidentally killed his closet friend(Beleg), married his little sister, Nienor, killed another elf(Brandir) because of a mistake, lost the elleth who loved him(Finduilas) because of a dragon's trick, led to Nargothrond's downfall, and much more. He eventually killed himself on his blade.

But he did slay the dragon, Glaurung.
A: I got up late, missed the bus, forgot my homework, slipped in the rain, and was scalded by my tea.
B: My, my! you're really having a Turin day!
by Jennie P. October 11, 2006
le Bron james with lots of side chicks
by turin de krijger December 1, 2021
Named after the famous burial cloth. The shroud of turin is made with a paper napkin or paper towel. If you have a sweaty, dirty ass you reach back and clean it up with the paper towel or napkin. Then you place it over the face of someone while they are sleeping, hence the shroud of turin.
I wiped my ass and gave him a shroud of Turin.
by Texas T3 January 3, 2022
The act of ejaculating onto a wash cloth and placing it on a persons face while they are sleeping. Once it hardens, it should have an imprint of their face.
Jesus Christ famous Shroud of Turin.
by Rooman77 September 29, 2009
When you put your underwear on after a sex without cleaning your genitals and leave an image of your junk in them. Then you use them to prove to your friends that you got laid.
Mike: Hey Benny, can you not leave your Mike: “underwear of Turin” on the bathroom floor, no ones impressed that you got laid last night!

Benny: well you should be, it was your Mom!
by buddhiistboy June 19, 2021