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A gorgeous girl who is loved by all and respected. She is sweet and kind hearted and smokin hot. To be a Vanja is an honor. Guys go crazy for Vanja's and if they don't like her, naturally, they are blind or gay.
:Is that a Vanja?
:DAYUMM iv gotta get some of that!
by jennyboo12 September 10, 2010
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A person who knows no boundaries. A handsome cutiepie with a venomous tongue. They are exclusive only to those who can take their fabulousness. Usually peculiar in build, style, face and personality. when they walk in, the party stops, cuz everyone wants to talk to them.

Eloquent, social geniuses who can capture your attention even if they don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Highly social and supportive, but can ground you immediately.
Someone: Shit dude did you see that!? I think my dick just exploded.
Another someone: *in a dreamy voice* That’s Vanja.
by chousa October 08, 2018
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Male and female name.Meaning 'God is gracious/God's gracious gift'.Slavic countries,Sweden,Netherlands.Pet form of Ivan,Vladimir and Valentina
That Vanja is very interesting like her name
by voochie September 06, 2009
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