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Farting, silently, as you walk by someone you either want to move out of the way or leave. Only works in crowded areas where you can't be discovered as the farter. Good technique for waiters whose tables are "camping out".
"I wish those people would leave. Should I go and cropdust them?"
by Katgirl27 December 01, 2006
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The practice of passing gas in a crowd of people unbeknownst to them
While walking through the mall, I crop dusted the unsuspecting holiday shoppers.
by Jeff M October 20, 2003
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to disspell flatulence and walk at the same time in order not to be around once the blame is made. Often done in presence of others for spite.
Guy #1: I have really bad gas
Guy #2: Just walk around the mexican restaurant and cropdust . No one will ever know who it is.
by 4nimal May 15, 2007
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A term used by servers in a restaurant. When you have a table of assholes, you ask a co-worker if they can "crop dust " the table. As they pass by the table, and trail a nasty fart around said table. this keeps you blameless.
Dude, Will someone please crop dust table 15, the've been giving me shit all night.
by jimrim June 04, 2007
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To fart discretely and then walk away from the scene so as not to be detected.
"My stinky was completely undetected, Susan...I crop-dusted my way across the party."
by Michael Cunningham January 27, 2004
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