When a person releases a succession of farts which resemble the sound of a pack of geese flying over.
1. George rattled off several farts in a row and turned to the guy sitting next to him on the subway and said, "did you just hear some geese fly by?"

2. Person 1: Hey man, did you hear those geese fly over!?!

Person 2: Dude, you need to check your pants.

3. Person 1: Ahh, did you just geese?

Person 2: Heck yes I did.
by tsauceman December 03, 2009
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Armed, push in robbery of a residence, usually by force. Generally refers to home invasion of a drug dealer, or any criminal who keeps drugs, money or other valuables in their home.
Last night, Felix the weed dealer got geesed by two dudes dressed up as UPS drivers.
by FGism December 29, 2008
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1. To make fun of someone.
2. To run very fast.
1. "Keenan geesed on Raul for like 10 minutes straight yesterday at the bus stop."
2. "Damn Thando, you were geesin' in that 200. You won by like 10 meters."
by Kid Swish March 09, 2008
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