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A street or area where prostitutes walk and offer their services. The stroll is frequented by tricks seeking sexual services.
I saw this girl I went to high school with on the stroll yesterday. She looked like she was smoked out.
by Red October 09, 2003
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A catch all word to describe anything that is basic, uncool or untrendy. According to The New York Times, "cheugy (pronounced chew-gee) can be used, broadly, to describe someone who is out of date or trying too hard."

Things that are cheugy:

The New York Times
PT Cruisers


Addison Rae
White people

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by Callmemaybe69 May 04, 2021
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to wander in the hood.. to cruise in the car in the neighborhood..
i gave u tape full of dope beats to bump when stroll in your hood..
by Dr.DRE November 19, 2004
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When you are going to get high or drunk.
Yo, lets go stroll at my place tonight
I havent strolled in over a week...
by amnesiatic August 13, 2011
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The act of casually trolling someone or thing.
Jeff: Hey you here Jane sent Scott a get well card after he lost that fight?

Carter: Yea, I had a nice lil sTROLL with him
by DCommon June 20, 2011
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to leave, or to run from someone, escape, get away from
oh shit the feds!, im bout to stroll
by shawnise722 May 31, 2009
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