A paracytic creature that swims up someone's anus and attaches itself to the victims sphincter. Once it imbeds its fat unpleasant head into host, it is almost impossible to remove and causes serve pain and discomfort. Residing mainly in Port Phillip Bay Victoria, but will travel as far as Northern NSW and South Australia if conditions are suitable.
"Ohh Lord kill me now...I think a Toon just swam up my arse!!"
by Mundey Magic September 24, 2008
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A really... really... really Canadian way to refer to a character in an MMORPG. Similar to how sliced round ham is called Canadian Bacon... They call a character a "toon"
wassup you hoser! I'm aboot to go home and try and level up my toon. I think I can hit level 59 today eh?
by Filthy Mug July 29, 2008
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