n. freak means unusual, odd, bizarre, consequently to freak out (v.) means to lose your "normal" usual self and go crazy, either due to extreme fear, anger or excitement.

adj. one who is panicked, scared shitless, crazed, psycho, stoned, psyched, fired up.
1. When the plane started shaking she freaked out.

2. Terry freaked out when he saw his sister's dog peeing on his bed for the third time.

2. Jane freaked out when she saw the gorgeous ride her dad bought her for her birthday.

3. He is freaked out about the races tonight.
by Cris Scorpio October 31, 2007
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You're both scared and disturbed at once.
"Some randomer with a clown hat and whistle leapt out at me from behind a dust-bin yelling "DOWN WITH WIKIPEDIA!", the other day. I was well freaked out. I love wikipedia!"
by Mizery November 6, 2007
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To be freaked out means to do Anything that Ho*es Do! Like being a rip or a slut.
Dat bit*h Shaneka freaked out!
by Elysea January 25, 2008
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When someone doesn't know how to react in a certain given situation because of what someone has said or done. The most common signs of freaking out are when the person covers their face or hides their face.
For example Josh was freaking out when he was asked by Eamon if he has ever wanked before
by Hardstyle-Lover April 23, 2010
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you go crazy in your mind and your heart beats really fast
when something really good happens and you freak out
or when something really bad happens and you freak out
also freaking out could be when you are embarrassed you freak out
"dude Harrison just asked me out! i'm freaking out!"
"nice! i'm so happy for you!"
by daisydoodooadallop May 12, 2015
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1. to shock or disorient someone

2. to panic, to lose control
Woah, don't freak out, it's not the end of the world.
by Light Joker May 4, 2007
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How you react when something really bad (see we need to talk) or good happens.

A manic, crazed feeling usually accompanied by some physical activity such as jumping, skipping, fainting, fluttering, screaming or bitching.
"It's not the cops dude, don't freak out."
by Miss Take December 16, 2003
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