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n. freak means unusual, odd, bizarre, consequently to freak out (v.) means to lose your "normal" usual self and go crazy, either due to extreme fear, anger or excitement.

adj. one who is panicked, scared shitless, crazed, psycho, stoned, psyched, fired up.
1. When the plane started shaking she freaked out.

2. Terry freaked out when he saw his sister's dog peeing on his bed for the third time.

2. Jane freaked out when she saw the gorgeous ride her dad bought her for her birthday.

3. He is freaked out about the races tonight.
by Cris Scorpio October 31, 2007
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You're both scared and disturbed at once.
"Some randomer with a clown hat and whistle leapt out at me from behind a dust-bin yelling "DOWN WITH WIKIPEDIA!", the other day. I was well freaked out. I love wikipedia!"
by Mizery November 06, 2007
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To forcefully insert your testicles into a female's anus. Once the testicles have been snuggly positioned, one may even proceed to "flip the dick down the pussy" to heighten the sexual experience.

ex. 1) Freak dat bitch out then, Tone!

ex. 2) I told her, "spread 'em, bitch!" Then I put in my nuts in her ass. She said it wasn't her first time to be freaked out.
by Dud Beak March 24, 2008
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To be freaked out means to do Anything that Ho*es Do! Like being a rip or a slut.
Dat bit*h Shaneka freaked out!
by Elysea January 24, 2008
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