An English gentleman who has a crazy idea which could only label them as "Insane"
Caitlyn thinks her boyfriend CJ is a complete looney sometimes...
by CJ (for Caitlyn :) ) November 18, 2007
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a looney person is a person that likes to sit on people rather than chairs.
jesus that guy is looney lol
by nicolacharmed May 22, 2008
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to get high on x pills or act like an crackhead
yo them guys are real looney but not like my girl when she sees my dick
by terell May 9, 2006
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When some fool as mufucka talk wild dumb shit or pop off fly behind ur back
"This looney ass nigga talking big shit about me and my fam"
by Mr. PrezDent May 7, 2007
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The Canadian Aureate $1 coin, so named because of the Common Loon engraved on the reverse side (not, as sometimes reported, because of the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse).

The use of the word "Looney" to refer to the dollar coin is quite prevalent in Canada. Canadian dollar stores are quite often called Looney-Twoney stores, for example.
You can't use Looneys to pay bridge tolls in the U.S., more's the pity
by tomte October 16, 2007
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Made in my Allendale,sc

Basically means you a character like off the Looney tunes
I wonder wha will happen if I put my thumb in her butt
You a Looney dude
by 803 baby November 14, 2018
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When a man can shoot his load in the air and then catch it in his own mouth.
Roger broke up with Brad after he pulled a looney instead of letting him have it.
by Rob Aldridge March 2, 2007
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