This is the act of eating cereal out of a vagina. It usually takes place while watching cartoons in your pjs.
Bobby was partaking in a "saturday morning" with Sandy while enjoying a rousing episode of the Smurfs. He later puked it back up into her mouth. (puking is optional!)
by John Wilder January 8, 2007
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End of work-week horny, where all a guy wants to do is wake up, shit, eat a big breakfast and sit around all day watching porn.
Kyle: Hey, you wanna go long boarding this Saturday?
Garrett: Fuck that dude, Ive been Saturday morning horny since Tuesday!
by TaAj88 October 31, 2011
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A Saturday morning shit that nasty bowel movement you often have at approximately 10:00am on a Saturday morning after a long Friday night of partying and drinking. Generally, the Saturday morning shit is induced by a large cup of coffee.
Taking, or, rather, leaving a Saturday morning shit is not a short project. Expect a twenty minute sit.
1. Dude, I can't talk right now, I'm concentrating on my Saturday morning shit.

2. Boy was that Saturday morning shit nasty. I plugged the toilet and the bathroom fan will have to run all day to evacuate the stench.
by Rook's Buddy May 10, 2010
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Cartoons that ran during Saturday mornings. A stem of nostalgia for many, there are few of these Saturday morning cartoons remaining since the late 2000s.
by udusers1 July 16, 2010
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A stream of urine that come out in one or more completely unpredictable directions, rendering even perfect aim futile. This creates a mess for the next person who cleans the bathroom. This typically occurs after sleeping in on Saturday.
Tina's gonna be so pissed, I Saturday Morning Pee'd all over the bathroom floor.

Sorry I'm late dude, I totally Saturday Morning Pee'd all over the shower curtain. I had to throw it in the washer before Lisa got home.
by BolognaBlake June 20, 2010
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saturday morning slut- when you wake up after a wild party the next day only to find a trashy slut next to you in the bed. The bed is wet and there is usually a rubber under the sheets.
If you have more drinks than your liver can handle and black out in a Philly apartment then you are most likely to experience a saturday morning slut.
by topmountain October 18, 2010
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