To get drunk or already getting drunk
Man i am getting tuned tonight!
by FHS Kid January 28, 2006
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A car that is maxed out in power and has all the best possible parts for it
look at that tuned zonda c12s
by chris gray January 5, 2005
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Stating that someone or something competing lost badly at whatever activity.
Dude, we got tuned in last night's soccer game, we lost 9-0.


Your'e getting tuned man, just give up.
by hektor January 28, 2005
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facetuned af
bro trust me her face doesn't look like that, she tuned the fuck out of that picture
by ggitter_girl March 20, 2021
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“They Planning On An Indictment
“I Been In Tune”
by NYLINGO101 November 24, 2019
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The step before dating, usually at this stage both people are aware they like each other but choose to get to know each other/flirt first. Probably the cutest and funnest stage.

WARNING: lack of official relationship may cause one of the people involved in tuning to believe dating/hooking up/tuning with others is acceptable.
cameron: "oi bra, who you tuning?"
jake: "hey man, that new chick kirsty"
cameron: "aw yeah she's real hot! but what happened to jess?"
jake: "still got her, tunin = freedom"
by realies July 26, 2011
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Chatting up in a flirtatious manner to advance towards a sexual or romantic relationship
Me: He cheated on me.
My mate: With who?
Me: I don't know, he was tuning some random girls on Tinder...
My mate: Looks like a fuckboi, talks like a fuckboi, is a fuckboi.
by Killossal April 1, 2017
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