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Great book by Orson Scott Card about a kid, Andrew (Ender) Wiggin who is taken by the government to a space station to train to save the earth from a race of aliens known as The Buggers.

Featured three dirrect sequals:
Speaker of the Dead, Xeoncide, and Children of the Mind

Featured a compainion novel:
Ender's Shadow, which in turn had three sequals:
Shadow of the Hedgemon, Shadow Puppets, and the soon to be released Shadow of the Giant
At last he came to a door, with these words in glowing emeralds:
He did not hesitate. He opened the door and stepped through.
-Ender's Game
by myotismon February 11, 2005
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The sexual act of placing both fists into at least one orifice of your partner in a gesture of celebration.
It does still count if you put it in two separate partners.
The teaser, the pleaser, the rocker, the spocker,the shocker, the show stopper, and finally Ender's Game.

Nick "My woman said she wouldn't make me a sandwich"
Steve "What did you do?"
Nick, "I skipped from pleaser to Ender's Game, and lets just say, best fist bump ever!"
by Penquin42 December 07, 2009
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One of the best series of books ever, guy above me got most of it, but missed a few of the short stories, investment councelor, christmas in battle school(i think that this is made, or will be), teachers pest, and the one about young john paul
First Meetings (the three short stories)
by BeanXenocide May 24, 2005
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The book that makes you like a mass murderer.
Ender's Game is one of my favorite books about all time. Why do I still love the mainn character when he destroys an entire race?
by Jsaid July 07, 2006
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