Just about the sexiest cartoon you will ever see. Was married to Rodger Rabbit in "Who Framed Rodger Rabbit." Could be used to describe a hot girl. Many guys jack off to the sound of her voice.
"Mann, I saw a Jessica Rabbit yesterday... damn she was smokin"
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A discreet way of describing whether an attractive woman is a natural redhead both on her head and below the belt.
"So, that redhead you've been seeing... does the carpet match the drapes?"
"Yep. She's got a Jessica Rabbit in her pants, alright."
by Rebel_Rouser85 February 20, 2014
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The art of doing rabbit pellet style poo in your own pants.
Her pants look like the floor of a rabbit hutch, she's done a Jessica rabbit again!
by Season with dill January 31, 2020
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When a beautiful woman falls for an unattractive Male simply because he is funny, unorthodox, clumsy , geeky , nerdy
That woman must have Jessica rabbit syndrome to be with a guy like that.
by Lina11 September 4, 2018
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