A MAN who plays a GIRL character in an online game, like World of Warcraft or any other Mmorpg, that involves creating a character.

Usually a boy or man who claims and acts to be a girl to get online virtual items, or that is gay in the inside and expressing there feelings online, to show they really want to be a woman, or either a lonely sicko.
FRIEND: Hey dude, i met this really hot girl on WoW.

Me: Who is it?
FRIEND: That girl we went to Lakeshire with.

Me: Man thats a guy! I heard his voice over vent and skype during a raid.

FRIEND: Wow, really? That guys a fag toon!
by john d03 April 23, 2011
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Grandpa: "Quit watchin yer damn gook toons!"

Kid: "It's anime grandpa! And it's not a cartoon!"
by Zurgo Sergal March 09, 2016
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It’s kind of butterfly but it’s healing you , she made you feeling better and if you sad she will make you happy and if you feeling that you weak she will make you strong... she will always flying around you to give you a sweet and beautiful energy of happiness and powerful, you will never ever find anything like her in the entire world... you will forget the feeling of pain when you be her friend... anyone who can see her please protect her because she so rare and don’t try to hurt her because I’m gonna hacking your ass if you try to hurt her
Butterfly Toon : All you need to do with her is giving her love and happiness and make her smile
by Nourxsa January 20, 2021
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A term used to refer to anime.
Grandpa: Timmy! Quit watchin yer damn gook toons!
Timmy: It's anime grandpa! And its not a cartoon!
by Zurgo Sergal March 09, 2016
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greatest character ever to enter the super smash bros family with a bow, boomerang and a load of bombs he can do anything. If he gets the smash ball then he unleashes the toon triforce slash and has a chance at a 1-hit KO
toon link is a beast
by lord woo fak fak August 25, 2008
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A phrase african-americans sometimes use to define Rap, hip-hop, or other popular music
by Andrew Parent November 17, 2004
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