when someone is too hype for their own health
Blaine and Pam get too turnt at lunch.
by ~Lalle~ September 27, 2016
Like hype for a party, or at the club!
"Bra, this party about to be turnt!!!"
by djizzle23!!! November 28, 2009
Short for "Turned up"

Feeling so swag and crunk (NOT DRUNK)
Man I'm hella turnt rn
by nothannahmontana January 15, 2014
when it's a white wedding and Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond and everybody screams the "BAA BAA BAAAA" once the DJ turns the music off for specifically that part.
"Livin' On A Prayer never fails to get you turnt, right?"
"ohhh man, i always get turnt whenever that song comes on."
by happyhedgehog June 10, 2017
on one, feelin it, wasted, lit,
i was turnt last night.
by MoMoney503 August 3, 2016
Turnt means you are lit and you are having fun. People sometimes get turnt when they are at parties.
Tanner was turnt when she was jigging at our party.
by gooogle.com March 11, 2018