An extremely cool mofo, born in Surrey and raised in the mean streets of Birstall.
by nad October 6, 2004
If you've ever had an itch on your tit, you've experienced a "titch"!
As I was sitting in my chair, all of a sudden, I had a "titch"!
by AANDZ September 14, 2011
A really cool girl who has the coolest neighbour two doors up from her, usually a bubbly person and also an insomniac. They tend to like alcohol especially whiskey.
Deirdre your such a titch, yo lorcan your neighbour shes a real titch
by Beechmount yea December 27, 2007
ME! by the way im 6ft 4.
hi my name is titch, i am titch, yep titch not citch, or fitch, but titch, suprisingly not manders.......... yep titch
by Titch January 19, 2005
a really crazy person who lives on a mountain of beech tree. They tend to be pretty cool and have really hot friends who like hanging out on the titches couch. Has no meaning related to a word that rhymes with it beginning with B
Yo i hear theres a titch in stameen

yo man what what were you up to last night? .... i was hanging out with that titch next door on her couch with her friends
by Worcan schmitler January 8, 2008