To immaculately fix or clean or build something
Look at Anthony go, the bloke doesn’t stop. Even with his inflamed arse, red hair & fair skin he’s out there working in the sun. The place really has been “Titched”
by Stompinstu August 15, 2021
Teen bitch that always act like they are full of depression.
"Im such a titch right now but maaan this new Billie Eillish song perfectly describes me right now."

"Dude, look at those titches... dafaq is wrong with them?"
by s1ckboy February 13, 2020
An itch on your tit
"Omg I have a titch but I can't scratch it"
by erialCED January 12, 2020
1. A total bitch. 2. Can be used to describe a day of hard labor.
1. Trump: I cant believe Nancy Palozi said that shit about me!
Me: i know right!? She used to be somewhat of a problem, but now, she is a Titch.

Trump: Exactly.

2. Yesterday at work, I milked it, but today is gonna be a titch.
by Charles Monroe II January 16, 2019
Titch is an all-around phenomenal guy. Titch wins all the girls hearts over with his. Titch is very sweet and comforting and will always do nice things for the ones he loves. Titch is also very protected, don't mess with his girl or he might get mad! Titch can be quite sensitive at times but is also very chill when it comes to jokes. Titch can be a calm, play it by the books type of guy but, he's also not afraid to have a little fun, you only live once! Titch is very passionate about the things he loves and does. Titch has an amazing good side and it is always great to be on it. If you get on his bad side, though, he also has a very BAD bad side. If you are loyal and caring to Titch, he will always be the same way back. If you are mean and rude to Titch, he is not afraid to let you know how he feels. Titch also a good investor. Titch works hard to earn money and pay bills. Titch is also very smart and studies hard to ensure he will get a good job. Overall, Titch is one of the most amazing friends you could ever have.
Hello Katia, how is it dating a Titch?
Oh, Marino, it is just delightful dating Titch, he always keeps me high!
by Mariah Mendez Cruz May 8, 2022