2 definitions by Beechmount yea

a street in the stameen housing estate, home to stameens old age pensioners who are well known for their regular and very kinky swingers parties, usually involving bondage and strap ons, they also have a particular fetish for horses and cats, the bottom end of the street is occupied by a large amount of alcoholics and home to stameens coolest people, it is also located near the hole that is five oaks,
yo man were you down in beechmount, yea dude i got my ass mauled by some 80 year old it was sweeet

hey coming drinking in beechmount ? where else would i go??

Wana hide in some bushes?? yea i know a good spot in beechmount
by Beechmount yea December 27, 2007
A really cool girl who has the coolest neighbour two doors up from her, usually a bubbly person and also an insomniac. They tend to like alcohol especially whiskey.
Deirdre your such a titch, yo lorcan your neighbour shes a real titch
by Beechmount yea December 27, 2007