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The girl with the most beautiful smile in the whole wide world. When you see it, it's like getting hit by one of Cupid's arrows.
Wow, look at Amalie. Her smile is beyond beautiful. I think I love her.
by Boraghi September 28, 2011
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A girl who can be evil, but is also nice and funny when she needs to. Amalies can be very random and stare at things for no good reason. They like Switzerlandish Schoolgirl skirts and dark clothing.
Man, Amalie can shake that booty.
by Nookersandmalle November 12, 2009
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A beautiful girl that is so kind and awesome and also usually a very good singer! She loves animals and she has lots of friends. If you know an Amalie then you should feel very lucky!
“Have you seen Amalie? I wanna ask her out!” “No I want to!”
by Myops November 10, 2018
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Amalie is a kind and quiet girl she hates when people mispronounce her name but she is good to joke around with Amalie might have wired pets who act crazy. Amalie sometimes won’t understand how much she has affected the people around her (in a good way sometimes bad) Amalie really seems insecure about herself but she really shouldn’t be Amalie is just a good person (sometimes)
Wow Amalie you’re so nice thanks for helping me!
Amalie: oh I’m shure anyone else could help you with that

No Amalie you’re really smart!!!!
by Peace for heluers March 29, 2019
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Evil. Evil. Evil. However they can be nice I guess. She’s got a select group of friends who she’s very nice too, and even at times pulls pranks. Most of the time she is funny and evil. If your name begins with C and ends in haya, she doesn’t like you so don’t try
I spoke to amalie yesterday. My names chaya so she didn’t give me the time of day. I saw her with the best looking guy ever called MASON, they were friends so she was alright with him, however she did rip up his book.
by Chaya Kennedy October 01, 2018
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