5 definitions by AANDZ

While you're walking through the house, something smacks you in your dick...something awful! You've just been "cock knocked"!
I was walking through the living room, when all of a sudden, I ran into the desk...Man, was I ever "cock knocked"!
by AANDZ September 15, 2011
If you've ever had an itch on your tit, you've experienced a "titch"!
As I was sitting in my chair, all of a sudden, I had a "titch"!
by AANDZ September 14, 2011
The male equivalent to a female Camel Toe.
Did you see Matthew's "Man-mel Toe"?
No...but, Why is Aunt Gladys laying on the floor?
She passed out after seeing Matthew's "Man-mel Toe"!
by AANDZ October 15, 2011
If you've ever been petting your cat and they've became annoyed and swatted you...you've truly been "pussy whipped"!
As I was petting Gladys, she became irritated and scratched me...Man, I'm so Pussy Whipped!
by AANDZ September 19, 2011
Since some people are so ugly, a word had to be made to describe them! Fucking + Ugly = "Fugly"!
I just saw Aunt Gladys without her make-up...Man, was she fugly!
Oh, I see what you mean...I threw up a little in my mouth after I saw her!
by AANDZ September 30, 2011