an itch relating to the tit area, most common in girls with uncomfortable bras
My girlfriend kept complaining about a titch she had, so I made her go topless until the movie was over.
by JordanCage October 5, 2005
The area surrounding your titties or the area where your titties are.
Her titch was amazing!
I wish my titch area was bigger!
You have the best titch here!
I love my titch!
What would i do without my titch?
by Too much booty in da pants! January 28, 2008
instead of being called "bitties" titches, is titties and bitches combined
what up titches?
by ablabla November 14, 2010
A UK grime artist currently in jail for murder.

To murder someone in cold blood.
That Crazy Titch tune is sick

Yeah Bruv I heard he Crazy Titched that guy.
by C16158411 January 26, 2008
A Tara Titch is a Titch of something much larger than your average Titch

Originating from a single mother by the name of Tara who is obsessed with Wine, and whilst she says “only a Titch more”, proceeds to empty the entire bottle in one viscous gulp.
Person one: “hey, can I have a Titch more wine?

Person two: “sure, here you go!”

Person 2: “I said a titch not a Tara Titch!
by AbagelThebagel November 27, 2019
word used to confuse a teacher/other
also like (shut the front door) or (you son of a business man)

student: "BITTY-TITCHES"
teacher: "that is innapropriate"
student: no its not! ...etc
by Cabaim September 26, 2007