A person who has a constantly changing and open sexuality.
Jamie- "Have you met Terry's new boyfriend?"
Matt- "I didn't know he was gay."
Jamie- "Oh, he's not. He's just a tire swing. He swings whatever way the wind blows him."
by McTobes September 13, 2019
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Take a girl. Contort her into a tire, like if you roll down a hill in one. Measure holes under her rear and vagina. Cut the holes out. Tie a rope around the tire and have the female companion align herself with the holes, naked. Grab ahold of the rope holding the tire and prop your foot on the base of the tire. Penetrate the girl anally and vaginally. Have a third friend spin and push the tire. Once the girl squirts, have the friend spin the tire so the liquid flies everywhere.
Guy 1: Bro I was Tire Swinging with Becky all night.
by JsKellnar January 11, 2019
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The tendency of the media to be enamored with John McCain. Being "on the tire swing" is often used on blogs as a shorthand for being in the tank for McCain. It originated from a reader of Talking Points Memo and refers to an overly chummy gathering of media people at McCain's ranch. See: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/archives/209567.php
I wouldn't expect much from the interview McCain interview with XYZ, he's on the tire swing.
by Glerg McSpinglesonshire October 8, 2008
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A conventional seat swing , made of a person of colour, with said person's head and feet tied to a position where he acts like a board.
Did you hear that Donald trump made a lot of Kentucky Tire Swings when he was younger?
by BajejUnited March 15, 2021
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A branch of the family tree so convoluted due to incest that it has become circular and rubbery.
We can't blame him for his stupidity. His mother got knocked up by her dad, which he is his mother's brother, his own nephew, uncle, and his dad's grandson. The whole family is a real Arkansas tire swing.
by dwinters January 29, 2014
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