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The only sex injury my ex wife has ever endured.
Martha was a real dead fish. Bedsores were the only sex injury shes ever known of.
by McTobes January 31, 2020
When a sexual partner either wants an apology or wants to extract information from their man and clenches their penis in their anus as if they are trying to pinch a steal loaf until the "clenched" surrenders the information.
Jamie- "I swear, it was just us guys here last night babe!"
Kim- "I smell that sweet hot stank in the air! Who was she?! Your going in the anal vice until you tell me that twats name!
Jamie- "Nooooooooooo............. ;) "
by McTobes March 31, 2016
The skin between a womans vagina and rectum that is there to cleanse the palate between taste tests.
I used to think that vagina tasted like ass untill I realized I was forgetting a step. I was working my way from back to front and forgetting to touch base on the taint in between orifices. Life is much better now!
by McTobes November 30, 2019
A survival technique enabling two women to start a fire using nothing but their vaginas. Both women must be without cloths and pressed against each other in a scissoring manner. They then must rub, hump and grind their womanhoods together causing a rather tremendous amount of friction. This can sometimes take a while but if done correctly over a dry pile of tinder, a single spark can produce a roaring fire.
...After our canoes flipped and all of us were soaked to the bone in below freezing temperatures, I thought we were all doomed. Luckily, Mother and Aunt Joan knew exactly what to do and wasted no time. Within minutes they were producing enough smoke to send a signal for help and finally after a few sparks came off of them we were able to start a fire big enough to keep all of us warm and dry untill help arrived. Tribbing saved my life and the lives of those I love.
by McTobes August 18, 2019
A person who has a constantly changing and open sexuality.
Jamie- "Have you met Terry's new boyfriend?"
Matt- "I didn't know he was gay."
Jamie- "Oh, he's not. He's just a tire swing. He swings whatever way the wind blows him."
by McTobes September 13, 2019