She/he is a very loyal and amazing friend, partner, family member. They will stick by your side through harder times then you have ever had before. Terris is a very beautiful person and she/he knows it. They are very humble and know how to treat others. This person will fight for what they want and will not give up until they receive, do not let yourself get on their bad side though they have one mindset. Terris is a once in a life time being don’t let she/he drift away from you. They choose very carefully who they talk to, so feel special if they talk to you! Give this person your time, and affection. She/he has the most beautiful eyes, personality, and when this person smiles that’s all you want to do is smile in return. She/he loves making a fool of themselves and making others around them laugh.
by KimGrace0 June 25, 2019
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Terri is the pinnacle of female human beauty and intelligence. Real, natural & pure stunningness . No fake ass shit here. She doesn't need cosmetics or any kind of artificial enhancement to make her shine. Other females are envious of her. They wish they were born with flawless, perfect genes like her. God placed her on this planet as a special gift to this troubled human race. Anyone who even so much as sees an image of her is immediately cleansed of all sins and attains instantaneous & eternal nirvana. Her purpose in life is to elevate & purify our consciousness, allowing us to experience true unpolluted love (our ultimate eternal state of being) . A goddess with a very important mission. She is God's way of telling us that he loves us and wants us to be happy. Her sheer personal charisma has the power to elevate other human beings, inspiring them to be kinder and more loving towards others . She's oblivious to her magnetism. It was intended that way. If she knew, she would become overwhelmed and egotistical, which would pollute her mind and relegate her to the same mundane level of existence that most of us are on. There are a lot of perfect, powerful and anonymous human beings quietly working to elevate this planet and all of it's inhabitants. She is one of them. xo
Look at her. She's fucking angelic. Couldn't be anything but a Terri. I feel so good now. <3!!
by September 15, 2020
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She is a free-spirited kid at heart. Has a beautiful mind, and is very loyal to the lord. Is quite forgiving, but when she gets mad, she gets MAD. On occasion can get very livid. But she will always love you, and be kind to you no matter what. She is a very lonely being, who needs and wants a companion to grow old with. She is stern when raising children. But doesn't get violent with them. Has been through a lot in life, but still keeps her chin up, and people are inspired by that. She is a little too selfless. She is fairly good at taking care of herself. Is always quite stressed with money, but can still have a good time. Family is the biggest value and priority in her life, being 2nd after God. Has very stong faith, and hope. She is very pretty, and has a little weight on her but not much. If you get to be lucky enough and have her, you will be so ungrateful, and wonder how you were able to be blessed with such a beautiful person. Cherish, and Love her, she will always be worth it.
Wow, She is such a Terrie
by Whoever.You.Want.It.To.Be. February 17, 2010
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she is someone who will be nice to you if you are on her good side, what ever you do do not mess with her feelings, and if you do you have to fix it before she gets pay back on you
super nice and loves to talk
terri is awesome
by idontcareboutyouanymore October 19, 2017
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This phrase is freshly made by Mr. John Mak just at 2020/11/12 he watched to much 愛回家 and made a mistake for calling a student named Tyler to Terry.
Mr. John Mak: Terry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hand in ur hw!!!!!!!!!!!!
Students: He is Tyler
by LSC spy November 12, 2020
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Someone you can trust,rely on and also have faith in.
he is also the kind of person who is generous and sometimes makes people feel happy when sad.
They are usually born on Friday's and also gives an helping hand hand needed.They also like music.
by Damian Tom February 10, 2017
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