A specific road violation in which, while making a left-hand turn onto a double-laned road, the driver immediately pulls into the right lane instead of properly turning into the left lane and then, with blinker, merging into the right lane. The term is named after the Canadian city "Thunder Bay" in which this aforementioned violation is rampant and part of everyday driving.
In a hurry, he pulled a Thunder Bay, not noticing the vehicle on the ramp that wanted to merge onto the road.
by Boneyard May 28, 2006
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An extremely large pothole in the Trans-Canada Highway, located in the northwestern region of Canada's province of Ontario.
That was a hell of a ride through Thunder Bay, how much further to Winnipeg?
by 134ShinyVaporeon June 12, 2016
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A town in northwestern ontario, where the driving is shit, everyone drinks, and where the older generations are hicks but the younger generation tries to act all gangster.
Person 1: where are you from?

Person 2: Thunder Bay
Person 1: Ok what do you want to drink then? And are you hick or gangster?
by Rickthehick August 28, 2017
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A veritable economic force in the Global Community. Referred to by Northwestern Ontario as the "GTBA", TBay features such suburbs as Beardmore, Kekabeka Falls and Pickle Lake. Most famous for retaining such a high percentage of university graduates. Thunder Bay is externally known as a municipality well loved by its citizens. However, those residents who are not fortunate enough to leave this town will huck a beer bottle at a small child at any time if they display the slightest degree of Thunder Bay pride. Birthplace of such powerhouses as Eric Staal, Jordan Staal, Mark Staal and Ken Boshcoff.
1. Dude: "Hey, you wanna go play hockey?"
Other Dude: "Man, I just played."
Dude: "You're such a hoser."
Other Dude: "Yeah ok, but let's wait for my brother Janne to get back from the mill first. "
2. TBayer: "I need to get out of Thunder Bay."
Friend at University: "Come visit me and bring a case of Crystal."
TBayer: "Ok, I'm getting on the bus RIGHT NOW. I will be there in (insert obscene amount of time here) hours."
3. "Hey der, I just got some cheap gas eh."
by Toddy-Poo November 24, 2005
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A basic shit hole town in Ontario, where the teenagers - preteens enjoy to smoke the "herb" and drink at schools. Usually in the West fort area. It even has its own street with the lovely hookers n hoes and needles in the back lanes. It consistences of drunk ass guys ridin the bus late at night to pick up the young girls and men.
Yendys: Hey man what are we gonna do in Thunder Bay tonight? probs Westfort though ya know?
Arac: Well my friend fsu and find the machachos smokin and drinkin, those lil rascles in this town eh
by Pekkka May 5, 2011
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Hot bed of anti-union violence in Canada. Anyone pro-union in Thunder Bay becomes the target of anti-union violence. Many of the unions in Thunder Bay are corrupt and do nothing to stop anti-union violence because they don't care. Many union leaders use anti-union violence against union members they disagree with.
"That piece of shit pro-union scum bag is rocking the boat, this is Thunder Bay, let's teach him a lesson and break his leg to send other pro-union fuckers a message!"
by SimpsonStreetLover March 4, 2016
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In Texam hold'em, a 2-7 offsuit in the first draw that ends up winning is called a Thunder Bay. Played with fervor in the northern Ontario capital, many a game has been one by a lucky bluffer holding a 2-7 offsuit hand.
Big Gay Al has the two of clubs and the seven of diamonds, lures in a couple of bets, goes all in when he sees the flop that includes a two and seven, then ends up beating pocket aces with a two pair or potentially a full house.
by northern dude July 31, 2004
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