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Weird creatures who walk upon this Earth. They utilize tampons and use lamps for inappropriate uses of creating light. They shower as white people. They also smell like demonic butt. They crave spandex. Plus, not to forget to mention, they throw deuces at the wall for their parents and friends when they are over. often asks if somebody knows who the first president is, oh and pee on you. They are also born with freaky-feet and show their love by raising their middle finger, when they have 3 fingers pointing back at them. They also love to dye their hair and change purses 50 million times a day. They claims to kiss the purses ass. See, the female Beardmore's own a cat so crazy and weird, maybe a hint of stupidity that they're called Sunny. A total opposite by the way And licks her Vagina, Literally They are aliens from your anus.
They wear Dr. Seuss looking socks. I forgot my coffee. "Awwww, tough noodles cubootles" They contains more beards. "You two are just so retarded together" "We got to go find your dad's new doctor tomorrow." They're reallllllllly short!!!!!!!!. They have crappy phones. "My kids are driving me crazy" "Hola back at ya." Stoners, swimmers, often half cuban. Can't figure out what streets which. They tend to move around a lot. They trip on words, the half descents anyway.
Beardmore uses sticks from Harry Pothead's movie and goes "Liviosaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwhhhh" to lift shit up and throw Deuce's at the wall for ya, bruh.
by WAMMSMMMSJJSJ January 20, 2015
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