1) A term generally used in extreme sports referring to a large jump, often without knowledge or regard for the risk or consequences.
2) The term can also be applied to risk assesment in everyday life, taking actions regardless of the risk or consequences. (A strengthening of resolve, as opposed to 'fuck it' which is a form of giving up)
1) "He hucked the jump over on the north corner, not even knowing about the gravel pit below"
2) "This may not be my best decision, but huck it, I'm going to try anyway"
by ScarletOrangeMan September 12, 2006
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Huck: (HUK) {Verb}.
1.Term usually used when skiing.
2.To Jump of something unaware of the consequences.
"Hey bro, I'll pay you 20$ if you can Huck that forty foot cliff!"
by Ewie December 01, 2003
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verb. anything you can do, you can huck. usually used when throwing or moving something.
Antonio: Hey man, wanna huck me some popcorn?
by Merp Derp Flerp June 04, 2013
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another word for jumping in freeride mountain bikiing
he hucked a 20 ft drop to flat on his bombproof hardtail.

v.to jump,to fly off
by matt December 13, 2003
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a long pass to the endzone in a game of frisbee.
Damn Dan just caught and tight huck.
by bellatrix August 14, 2004
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Basically huck can mean anything, especially a cuss word, like this is a bunch of huck, but you are not swearing, therefore you can say it in front of friends, co-workers, and supervisors without getting in trouble. Great word that means about whatever you want it to mean, huck is a beatiful thing.
Dude, working at this company is a bunch of huck, the pay sucks ass, and they work us like a bunch of fools, and I would rather be taking a huck, or getting a piece of huck!!!!!!!!!!
by Sgt. Signal D April 30, 2009
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