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A veritable economic force in the Global Community. Referred to by Northwestern Ontario as the "GTBA", TBay features such suburbs as Beardmore, Kekabeka Falls and Pickle Lake. Most famous for retaining such a high percentage of university graduates. Thunder Bay is externally known as a municipality well loved by its citizens. However, those residents who are not fortunate enough to leave this town will huck a beer bottle at a small child at any time if they display the slightest degree of Thunder Bay pride. Birthplace of such powerhouses as Eric Staal, Jordan Staal, Mark Staal and Ken Boshcoff.
1. Dude: "Hey, you wanna go play hockey?"
Other Dude: "Man, I just played."
Dude: "You're such a hoser."
Other Dude: "Yeah ok, but let's wait for my brother Janne to get back from the mill first. "
2. TBayer: "I need to get out of Thunder Bay."
Friend at University: "Come visit me and bring a case of Crystal."
TBayer: "Ok, I'm getting on the bus RIGHT NOW. I will be there in (insert obscene amount of time here) hours."
3. "Hey der, I just got some cheap gas eh."
by Toddy-Poo November 23, 2005

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