one who pretends not to have a significant other while playing the field and promising their "new" conquest(s) the false hope of monogamy and/or love
That shallow bastard Kyle. He has so many babes on the hook now and he's trying to bluff Janet into a relationship that she thinks is gonna last. Christ women are stupid!
by Steven January 9, 2005
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A dude whose penis looks huge when it is flaccid but does not get very large once it is erect
Susie: So how was your date with Kyle? I heard he has a huge dick.

Amy: When he first dropped his pants, I thought "OMG!!" But it doesn't get any bigger once it gets hard -- he's just a bluffer
by toohot2trotpair July 26, 2009
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1. A derivative of "buffler" as opposed to someone that runs from a fight, a bluffer is someone that runs from a bong
"Looks like his eyes are closed, he must be bluffing.."

"Don't bluff, be tough"
by The Great Jamoah April 14, 2004
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Halley: When I found out who A was on Pretty Little Liars, I was just bluffered.

Bunk 7: I know!!!
by 4eversproutie503 September 24, 2011
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When a streaming internet video (i.e. p0rn) just refuses to finish buffering so you can actually watch it.
"Did you watch that video i sent you?" "I would but the stupid thing won't stop bluffering."
by cabbagepants November 17, 2007
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When waiting for something to finish on the computer but it does not report its progress correctly
The progress bar seemed to be moving fine but it was bluffering
by DiskJunky March 4, 2008
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A characteristic of a poker player who is a cheeky bluffer, and everyone at the table can see through his little antics. This player is typically coined this term and is ridiculed throughout the entire game with no mercy.
The bluffer mcbluffenton couldn’t hide from the wraith of the profiteer, and was then forced by his superiors to be the big blind for the rest of the game.
by Profiteerpete March 7, 2023
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