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The Whitey refers to a Failed Handshake. As black people usually have no trouble with this phenomena, and white people are almost always the culprit, the title is fitting.

When two people greet eachother, one person may go for a high five while another goes for the ghetto varation. The result is an awkward stew of hand gestures, and fleshy palm on palm friction.

The Whitey can also refer to someone completely missing the other person's hand, resulting in a re-try or giving up entirely.
"Whas up playa!?" (Black dude)
"Errrm not a whole lot *sniffle*, going over my portfolio"(White dude)
--Hand shake--
"Man you just pulled the Whitey" (Black Dude)
by FalseIdolWorseProphet July 12, 2011
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