A bowel movement immediately following rotten flatulence
"Don't worry, I just got rid of the culprit."
by krambus January 11, 2012
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anything or anyone that has bad style or does something that deserves to be made fun of
1. "Thats such a culprit car, its rolling on two spare tires and has a broken headlight"
2. "Ur such a culprit, you're wearing socks with sandals"
by Brooke E November 6, 2006
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Any person or persons who either:
a. have bad style
b. are a tourist
c. have a fanny pack
d. drives a pink miata with a poodle dyed to match
e. plays oboe
f. says "thats hot"
g. with the name Kevin and/or Arnold
h. are funny to laugh at and not with
i. someone who contributes to urbandictionary.com
"Omigod Ms. Hiss is such a culprit, look at her style--full on mom jeans with a matching jean cutoff shirt!"
by Brooke E Cuh September 7, 2006
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The act of doing wrong.
Johnny was caught culpritating. (doing wrong)
by Gadget King September 22, 2011
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Culprits refers to a pair of boobs, whether they be man boobs (moobs) or lady boobs (mams).
Rich: Cor blimey Dave, look at that!
Dave: Sweet jehovah, i wouldn't mind givin them culprits a squeeze
by Nickynoo June 9, 2007
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The bathroom stall determined to be responsible for exuding the wretched, stomach-turning scent experienced upon first entering some public bathrooms.

It's the one that you hope doesn't become yours in the event of the traditional bathroom lineup.
Jenny was next in line for the first available restroom at the mall when she smelled (and realized) that she was destined for the culprit stall. In a quick effort to evade her future, Jenny passed her turn. She let the woman behind her go ahead, as to avoid any further olfactory trauma.
by pvyktria January 12, 2010
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