anything or anyone that has bad style or does something that deserves to be made fun of
1. "Thats such a culprit car, its rolling on two spare tires and has a broken headlight"
2. "Ur such a culprit, you're wearing socks with sandals"
by Brooke E November 05, 2006
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Culprits refers to a pair of boobs, whether they be man boobs (moobs) or lady boobs (mams).
Rich: Cor blimey Dave, look at that!
Dave: Sweet jehovah, i wouldn't mind givin them culprits a squeeze
by Nickynoo June 09, 2007
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Any person or persons who either:
a. have bad style
b. are a tourist
c. have a fanny pack
d. drives a pink miata with a poodle dyed to match
e. plays oboe
f. says "thats hot"
g. with the name Kevin and/or Arnold
h. are funny to laugh at and not with
i. someone who contributes to urbandictionary.com
"Omigod Ms. Hiss is such a culprit, look at her style--full on mom jeans with a matching jean cutoff shirt!"
by Brooke E Cuh September 06, 2006
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