35 definitions by Paul Thundergod

A very large penis; one that is greater than 7" long.
Ron Jeremy has a crotch hammer!
by Paul Thundergod June 24, 2003
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/noun/(1) a citizen of Greece; (2) a person whose ancestors are from Greece

/adjective/ referring to things or ideas that originated in Grecce
by Paul Thundergod May 11, 2004
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A butt-ugly, poor female piece of white trash who will fuck any man in sight. Usually has a shitload of kids by many different men.
Don't fuck that trailer park skank, Charlie. She'll give you herpes!
by Paul Thundergod June 25, 2003
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"Your Shaolin Kung Fu is most impressive, but it is no match for my Humping Dog Yuk Fu!"
by Paul Thundergod June 24, 2003
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the dude in high school who used to smoke way too much pot and eat way too much Taco Bell
And now they call him Governor!
by Paul Thundergod April 22, 2004
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