35 definitions by Paul Thundergod

A butt-ugly, poor female piece of white trash who will fuck any man in sight. Usually has a shitload of kids by many different men.
Don't fuck that trailer park skank, Charlie. She'll give you herpes!
by Paul Thundergod June 25, 2003
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It was morning. The bulls would be running soon. That means the bulls would need fighting. "I will fight the bulls," said Nick as he chugged his morning whiskey.
Nick grasp his wooden stick tightly as the bulls charged toward him. "I must fight the bulls," said Nick as he swang his wooden stick at the first bull.
by Paul Thundergod July 08, 2003
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a stoopid fuck who thinks hes tiger woods at golf or michael jordan at basketball or fuckin ty cobb at baseball
that fuckin looser is deluded bro
by Paul Thundergod May 06, 2004
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