phrase used in reference to general sassiness or sarcasm
Ted: "There is no santa."
Sally: "Well, Ted, aren't you just a bundle of fun today."
Ted: "Dis bitchhhh"
by awholebundleoffoodtripfun June 19, 2011
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The correct word to scream before throwing an empty drink or bottle, followed up by a loud YEET as you're throwing the object.
Dis bitch empty,

by Good Job Volvo September 30, 2017
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dis bitch means if somone likes you they would somtimes call you this secretly then they date you then call you other shity names
like using dis bitch its like nameing things you like or call things in any shity way
by dis bitch ass January 27, 2022
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That's what you ask google when you feel like throwing axes hache while eating mushrooms
Hey google! Where r the cuts around dis bitch?
by monero December 7, 2021
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