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Like a pancake with syrup traps.
by Whitey October 05, 2003

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A small book filled with copius ammounts of chicks names and numbers
I am bored time to check my chicktionary
by whitey May 08, 2003

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Happens when smoking too much weed, you go pale, feel dizzy and drowsy, and start to vomit. When on a whitey you often stop talking. If you whitey keep smoking more weed, until you have passed it. Sleeping while on a whitey makes you spin out and feel worse.
Last night I went on a real bad whitey, I was being sick for 4 hours.
by Whitey October 18, 2004

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When a guy gets really upset at small things, which generally lead to the shouting of an extended flow of curse words. Such is my problem. Plus it's a lot easier than "hulking up"
Theater Attendant: I'm sorry, but we are out of twizzlers.
Me: Motherfuckingshitwhorecockwranglingjizzdonkeylovingaffleckmonkeywang.
Theater Attendant: Oh wait, I found some.
Me: Score!
by Whitey October 02, 2003

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the incredibly huge buttocks of a woman(usually black).
"my god! Linda Burl has the biggest buffalo butt in the whole fucking world!"
by whitey April 08, 2003

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Adj. A qualifier used to describe something which is both Spanish and fantastic.
You're going to Madrid?
That's spaintastic.
by Whitey September 05, 2003

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1. The area surrounding a cock
2. Literary device used in many shakespeare plays
Damn, my cockshire itches

We musn't forget william shakespeare's use of the cockshire in Othello
by Whitey April 11, 2004

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