28 definitions by Whitey

One who Likes Balls and Scrotums
Hello, Scrotty!

pronounced Scr oh Tee
by Whitey September 08, 2003
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When a guy gets really upset at small things, which generally lead to the shouting of an extended flow of curse words. Such is my problem. Plus it's a lot easier than "hulking up"
Theater Attendant: I'm sorry, but we are out of twizzlers.
Me: Motherfuckingshitwhorecockwranglingjizzdonkeylovingaffleckmonkeywang.
Theater Attendant: Oh wait, I found some.
Me: Score!
by Whitey October 02, 2003
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the incredibly huge buttocks of a woman(usually black).
"my god! Linda Burl has the biggest buffalo butt in the whole fucking world!"
by Whitey April 08, 2003
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fixing - fi(x)in(g) - getting ready to take action
I'm fi'in to throw down on that muh!
by Whitey September 15, 2003
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"For sure, my ni**er."
"Definitely, my good friend."
"Y'all headin' ta Tre's BBQ?"
"Fo shizzle my nizzo, that shit's gonna be off the heezy fo sheezy."
by Whitey September 15, 2003
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1. The unusual state of being both cranky and angry simultaneously.
2. Cranberry angry
After watching Spy Kids, he was filled with cranger.
by Whitey June 07, 2003
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