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When one becomes so perplexed and disorientated as a result of their environment and/or substances consumed that they suffer a spin out and lose consciousness. Usually, victims of a spin out will regain consciousness in an unfamiliar house covered in vomit.
Joe wondered to himself why it was that he could hear colours and taste sounds. As he felt himself fall, as if in slow motion, to the ground, it dawned upon him that he was experiencing a spin out
by tastyburger April 27, 2011
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verb: The act of a controlled roll off the bed or other surface close to or immediately after the male has ejaculated into his partner generally the vagina or anal cavity, this maneuver is so that the person that was just ejaculated into doesn’t spill the seamen onto the surface below thus eliminating the need for a “happy rag”.

Special credit to Jojo for coming up with this phrase.
Jojo do you want a happy rag for that load of cum or are you going to do a spinout?
by Scott Free June 25, 2006
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