When one becomes so perplexed and disorientated as a result of their environment and/or substances consumed that they suffer a spin out and lose consciousness. Usually, victims of a spin out will regain consciousness in an unfamiliar house covered in vomit.
Joe wondered to himself why it was that he could hear colours and taste sounds. As he felt himself fall, as if in slow motion, to the ground, it dawned upon him that he was experiencing a spin out
by tastyburger April 28, 2011
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Spinning out is when you are on any sort of drug and you can't understand what is going on around you.
Dude i ahve smoked far to much ganga and am totally spinning out
by Lucy April 24, 2004
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Spinning out means a short momentary loss in all co-ordination of mind. This term could be used to explain when someone is feeling particulary disoriantated or intoxicated.
A:are you alright
B: yeah mate but im spinning out realy badly
by charlie knowles March 22, 2008
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used as v. to describe a state of being frustrated with mental tasks; being stressed out. Fraze popularized when mentioned by one character Rich in a film "Murder by Numbers".
I have three tests in two days, I am spinning out!
by Sasha Henke February 17, 2006
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