Characters of an terrible animated 80's show that were systematically exterminated by the Japanese Fishing industry.
Guy one: I wonder when they are going to come out with some new Snorks Episodes.
Guy 2: I have some really bad News, the Snorks were all eaten by the Japanese.
Guy 1: Are the smurfs ok?
Guy 2: Nope, cats.
by Jerkymcstupid August 07, 2010
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To inadvertently burn someone, especially in a card game or competition.
You are playing Texas Hold 'em, and winning the hand until your opponent hits his card on the river. You have been snorked.


You are playing softball and winning by 7 runs going into the last inning. The opposing teams roars back, scores 8 runs, wins the game, and in so doing, they have snorked you.
by Cyprus Denton Fekks January 08, 2010
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bent like a snorkle.
person1 "damn bro that poll is so snorked!"
person2 "yeah dude. that poll is fucked, dude needs to straighten it."
by Xin_the_face_of_warX October 09, 2005
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When a uncircumsized man stands behind a sitting woman and lays his penis across the top of her head.
That stripper totally snorked her!
by Zanalee October 24, 2011
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Verb: to drink something and have it come out your nose because you're laughing so hard.
I told her a funny joke while she was drinking a soda and she snorked. Then I killed her for wasting good soda, and licked it up off the ground.
by Kenthar October 30, 2003
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to unintentionally snort loudly while laughing. Also used as an exclamation after someone snorks, to emphasize the fact and increase their embarrassment.
She laughed so hard she snorked.

After he snorted, I pointed at him, yelled "SNORK!" and laughed.

by plainjane May 24, 2006
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