In an IT context, a stanza is a block of a configuration file
Here is an example stanza showing the simplest possible configuration
by paucus February 22, 2008
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Mildly derogatory way to refer to somebody's car. The car in question should be small, cheap, and obscure.
Hey guys I got a car! It's a 2005 Rio.

Yeah, we saw. Nice Stanza. <snicker>
by TreeWeezel August 16, 2011
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Women need to be sure not to have a baby by a stanza. Your child will not have a father.
by proud2bAparent January 13, 2009
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Noun, A car that is made by Nissan that is no longer in production but should be, it has many different models including a 5 door hatchback model. has a small engine for its body and even the smallest repairs can get sticky. ex. i had the starter replaced on mine, they had to take out the engine to get at it.
The car in the first home alone movie that the pizza delivery guy drives and hits the statue, right in the beginning of the movie. its a nissan stanza
by Smeter-Pan August 10, 2009
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The day of the week, i.e. Monday, on which food will exclusively be ordered at La Stanza, Munich
Heute ist wieder Stanza Montag
Was ist nur aus dem Stanza Montag geworden
by GlobalGleimster December 5, 2016
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An unknowable, dangerous plot, one that may never be discovered. One that, if left unchecked, may consume the world.
"The hardline questionanza of the matter is not what the Big Bonanza IS... But what the Big Bonanza Crayonza Bibbidibobanza Stanza Handza Zaza Extravaganza will BECOME... If given the time to fester." - 'Symple' Symon Symonson, 1199 Anno Domini
by October 20, 2023
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In a sporting event, stanza is segment, like a quarter or period of a game.
The back-and-forth game came down to the final stanza
by Vin Vegas December 26, 2018
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