A sexy mother fucker who is definitely not gay and gets girls just as easily as Gianni does and better cuz Gianni is bisexual.
by 6969696969696868 August 25, 2021
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The Italian form of the name Jordan, the Giordano has its roots in "Yarden," the Hebrew name of the Jordan river flowing between the countries of Jordan and Israel. Derived from yarad, meaning "descend" or "flow down.
descending peacefully from heaven, Giordano; like a flowing river.
by MetagamePro September 10, 2018
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An American- Italian cuisine that makes American super obese by serving people Chicago style pizzas with super thicke cheese these restaurants r usually found near states located near the Mexican boarders
Hey r you going to Giordanos today?

Nawh not today went yesterday
by 1Shot Duke October 24, 2018
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Eva is so sweet and can't help but to smile at everything. She may seem ackward at first but once she gets used to you and she'll show her crazy self. She is kind from the inside out. She'll never porpusly say something to hurt someone. If you actually know her, you'll know what I mean. She will do anything for her friends, even if it gets her in trouble. Once you've earned her loyalty, she'll do anything for you.
"Damn! Who's that?"
"That's Eva Giordano. She's cute right?"
by Heyheyyy November 19, 2019
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A sentient mass of fecal matter, most commonly known for misquoting and misinterpreting basic English words and phrases.
I'm sorry, can you use smaller words? My brain's feeling a little al giordano at the moment.
by absolutely not a dudebro August 3, 2017
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A pretty okay guy who enjoys sitting on a cactus .
me: william giordano you should get a cactus and then sit on it, like sit and twist

will: uh thats gonna be a hard no from me
me:deal with it
by jfdjhfhfhuefrerg September 21, 2017
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He's actually using Urban Dictionary to try and prove his point? He just went full "Al Giordano."
by BadFaithArgumentspalooza February 19, 2018
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