The Strike are a rock/alternative/indie band from Co. Down, Northern Ireland. So far having released a three song EP in November 2008, and a scheduled to record their first album in June/July 2009. Songs featured on, 'The Wall EP' are: Against The Wall, Out For A Night and Forever And A Day.


Cormac Evans - Bass And Vocals

Dale Smith - Rhythm Guitar

Gareth Sullivan - Lead Guitar

Lance Smith - Drums


SOME songs of the new album will include;

1. Arcadia
2. Youth And Beauty
3. Against The Wall
4. Clockwork
5. Out For A Night
6. Not For Long
7. Forever And A Day
8. Pirates of The Renaissance

(Among Others)
The Strike are currently unsigned and perhaps someday might get signed. The bands songs can be listened to on:

by Cormac Evans February 17, 2009
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In the brief time it took me to write this paragraph, three more emails arrived. Now I have 115 unanswered emails. Strike that: 116
by SirReal June 13, 2016
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How idiots spell struck or stricken.
Jim: My YouTube video just got copyright striked.
Scott: Striked isn't a word, you dumbass.
Jim: How, If I strike you, than that means I striked you since it's past tense.
Scott: The past tense of strike is struck. Striked isn't a word that exists in any English dictionary.
Jim: reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you grammar Nazi.
Scott (rolls eyes)
by My Name Is Hugh...Mungus November 05, 2019
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1) To be hitting something/somebody
2) To have very beautiful/unusual facial features
He was striking the door because he got mad when it flew open and hit him in the face

Your mom has striking features *wink* *wink*
by Yourmomssecretlover December 24, 2008
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to break in and steal from somebodies house
"say Zay we just came back from striking and done came up onna good $1,500"
by 4KTREY November 16, 2019
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v. 1) engaged in a stoppage of work, services, or other activities, as by union workers to get better wages.

v. 2) to engage in what has become an infamous French pastime
1) The Teachers Union is going on strike due to their piss-poor wages and lack of respect by society in general.

2) Don't go to France in August since the entire workforce is likely to go on strike due to a cigarette shortage, the heat, a bad batch of fromage.
by Call Me Ishmael June 06, 2007
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Male prisoner masterbating while female c.o. watches. Could be used on streets as well for man masterbating as woman watches.
Man she been at dudes cell window for a minute. I bet he's striking on her freaky ass.
by jayn3al March 19, 2017
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